Favourite Aiken Moments?


This time of year always makes me think of Joan saying “Just because I’m raking leaves doesn’t mean I’m not thinking” –  or plotting maybe? Or remembering lines from a favourite poem like Hopkins’  Spring and Fall  –  where “worlds of wanwood leafmeal lie…”

Certainly all these moments of  experience or memory were turned to good account in her writing where they take you straight into her world.  This is another favourite autumnal moment:


A Ghost Mouse – A story of hope from ‘Watkyn,Comma’


From a story called Watkyn, comma in Joan’s collection A Fit of Shivers


Do you have a Favourite Aiken Moment,  from a letter or a talk that Joan gave? Or something from a story, a quotation from Dido perhaps?

If you do, scroll down to the comments box and let me know and I’ll put them up on the Joan’s Quotes Page