Joan Aiken in Japanese – another new Book out!

JapaneseWSleep cover

I’m delighted to see that Aiken fans in Japan are discovering these pages –

Hello and Welcome!

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Tomoko Kodama who has been translating Joan’s Wolves Chronicles into Japanese – no easy task if you are familiar with Joan’s wild language and crazy dialects. I would be very curious to know how these come out in translation, let alone all her often obscure jokes and riddles… but it’s been fun trying to explain them!

Now there is a new Japanese translation by Tomoko of Joan’s story collection – The Winter Sleepwalker – which also came out in a beautiful new edition in the UK recently, with original illustrations by Quentin Blake.  My favourite picture is of the eight legged horse dashing up a mountain, with it’s mysterious one eyed rider,  but there is also a sleepwalking bear, a football game in space and a ghostly enchanted duckpond, all in Quentin’s familiar eccentric style.


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