Christmas Wishes


Christmas Poem & Pastel

 by Joan Aiken

Christmas Poem

Best wishes, and thanks to all who visit

See you next year!






The 64 thousand dollar question – ‘How do you get your ideas?’

High Streetpng

  Joan’s answer to this was that ‘One needs to be always on the lookout –  It is a case of selection of suitable ingredients out of the mass that flows past every day – things said by people, overheard conversations, things read in the papers, heard on the news, seen in the street…’

She wrote a poem that illustrates this perfectly, describing an everyday walk down a small street in Petworth where she lived.  Here it is.

The Pin

Joan published only one book of poetry, but she wrote many for her own (and the family’s!) pleasure.  To my delight they still tumble out of books..