About Joan Aiken

Joan Aiken lived in a world of stories

and her greatest delight was to share them.

If you haven’t yet discovered her wonderful world, then there is a treasure in store for you here.


The Wonderful World of Joan Aiken



          Find out all about Joan’s life in a moving-picture Timeline, see her in a short film talking about writing The Wolves Chronicles,  discover beautiful pastels like this one that she drew while waiting for inspiration.  Share a letter she wrote to all her readers  and see some of the many that they wrote back – maybe one of them was yours?

And of course discover all the books she ever wrote …there are over a hundred books to choose from –  Myth, magic, fantasy and adventure – stories from the past and the future,

stories to make you laugh and cry,

and friends who will stay with you forever.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 14.01.16


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