Dear Julius…Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Jules bouquet

Julius Goldstein, who married Joan Aiken in 1976, was born on 17th March

He was a lifelong New Yorker, who lived out his days in a fifth floor walk-up in Greenwich Village, where he was able to indulge his love of movies and galleries and for many years taught art at Hunter College, CUNY.  Julius had also fallen in love with England and loved to paint its landscapes. Introduced by mutual friends, Joan and Julius lived half the year in his favourite city, and half in the quiet town of Petworth, in Sussex, at the foot of the South Downs.  Here he was able to paint to his heart’s content in a garden studio looking out over hills and valleys, while she, in fact half American was able to re-discover her roots and make wonderful new friends in the exciting city of his birth.

Jules studio

A master of the colour green, he had the most perfect birth-date, and was charmingly flattered that his birth city put on a spectacular parade for his birthday every year…

Here is a typical Goldstein Sussex study in his favourite colour

Jules Green pic

Happy Birthday, Dear Julius

J&J September

* * * * * * *

Find him on Joan’s picture timeline

on the Joan Aiken website

2 thoughts on “Dear Julius…Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Ms Aiken, we have now identified a work hung above Philip Roth’s Connecticut fireplace as being painted by Julius. It is being sold along with other pieces from the Roth Estate, the proceeds to be donated to charity. Thank you for this lovely tribute to Julius.
    Tom Curran 860-567-4661 or


    • Thank you so much for making contact – Julius and Philip were great friends for many years since meeting at the Yaddo artists’ colony. I wish Julius Goldstein’s art was better known, he was famously modest, but the paintings are a lasting joy, my house is full of them!


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