The listener – and the true companion


A story can be the best companion, if you are a listener.  If from childhood you had the good luck, the time, the solitude and the books to take you away, to transport you to a place that felt more real than the one you lived in, you had a gift, a means of escape.  The temptation was the yearning to stay there, with that voice, that true companion who seemed to share your world, almost to be you, while the everyday, the workaday world was the one that became unreal.

Unless you become a writer yourself,  the singer of songs, someone who can take others away with you,

you will always be listening for that voice.


JB crop 2

 For John Brown, a true companion,  learning to fly.

July 14 1949 – January 18 2012

* * * * *

Joan’s poem is from The Skin Spinners

Her only published collection of poetry, although she wrote them every day

8 thoughts on “The listener – and the true companion

  1. What a beautiful poem, Lizza, one to savour and cherish.

    “Her only published collection of poetry, although she wrote them every day.”
    On this basis presumably there are many other poems waiting to be published? And are any dedicated to you as well as this one to your brother?


  2. That is so beautiful. And it reminds me of the lovely poem, Substitution, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning that begins,
    When some beloved voice that was to you
    Both sound and sweetness, faileth suddenly,
    And silence, against which you dare not cry,
    Aches round you like a strong disease and new
    What hope? what help? what music will undo
    That silence to your sense? . . .

    Love to you! Kathryn

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  3. So mysterious, when I came to see your message Joan’s poem had disappeared, I’ve just found it again and put it back.
    Thank you for Elizabeth Barrett Browning, I must pay her a visit too, powerful feelings from a strong woman, and a perfect complement to these.

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