A Winter Solstice Poem – Midwinter Song


Many thanks to all of you who have visited and shared your thoughts here throughout the year!

I do hope you will come again  – and bring your friends…  Here is a poem and drawing by Joan to celebrate the Peace of  Winter and the return of Spring.


Visit the website to see more of Joan’s Art

9 thoughts on “A Winter Solstice Poem – Midwinter Song

  1. This sounds like typical Joan, thinking of others whether human or otherwise. Have an enjoyable midwinter and New Year, Lizza, secure in the knowledge that Joan continues to give comfort and joy through the marvellous literary legacy she has left us all.


  2. I’m with Calmgrove – typical JA. I’m hoping to start “The Scream” in the next day or two. Looking forward to new updates in 2016. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.


  3. Thank you, that is so lovely and I have just passed it on to my fellow hedgehog loving sister. Our hedgehog sleeps under the bay tree…
    Merry Christmas, be happy that your mother’s stories mean so much to so many people, with love from Hilary McKay


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