Books are your friends, everyday…

Joan Aiken discovered as a solitary small child that reading was one of the most wonderful ways to make friends, a way of spending time with another person whenever you needed company. In a way it is like being alone with them when they are alone. Reading is a way of taking time off from your own life, or problems, and entering another mind, another world. Once you have experienced this, books are like friends, who you will never forget, and who you can spend time with everyday.

She wrote: 

Books 2

And the same goes for grown-ups too! As she wrote in a piece for International Children’s Book Day fifty years ago:

  “If every single person in the world had a book – just one book  – and they’d have to be able to read it of course – we’d have a lot less trouble.”

PS. Rather nice to know that for Joan it was a comfort to know that Wednesday followed Thursday…? Only in her world!

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From the Joan Aiken website –  Read A letter from Joan to all her fellow ‘Readers’

2 thoughts on “Books are your friends, everyday…

  1. I’m sure that there are plenty more people that feel the same way about books than we suspect — or is this a mighty big wish?

    I note that the Edith Nesbit Society has a booklet for sale at £1.00 called In Celebration of E. Nesbit — though they slightly spoil the effect by listing the author on their webpage as “Joan Aitken”. You can get it (as I hope to soon) via
    You of course have reminded me, Lizza, that Edith was one of Joan’s favourite authors, no doubt numbered among those “particularly craved” volumes.


    • Thanks for this tip – I’m wondering which piece it might be? Joan wrote a few Nesbit introductions and articles, if you get a copy do tell? Have still to get down to my own Aiken Nesbit piece..distracted by Spring!


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