Books are your friends, everyday…

Books are your Friends

As Joan Aiken discovered as a small child, reading is one of the most wonderful ways to make friends and spend time with another person; it is like being alone with them when they are alone. It is a way of taking time off from your own life, or problems, and entering another mind, another world. Once you have experienced this, it is like having a companion, someone who you will never forget, and who you can spend time with everyday.

She wrote about her experience with her early reading:

Books 2

And the same goes for grown-ups too! As she wrote in a piece for International Children’s Book Day fifty years ago:

  “If every single person in the world had a book – just one book  – and they’d have to be able to read it of course – we’d have a lot less trouble.”

PS. Rather nice to know that for Joan it was a comfort to know that Wednesday followed Thursday…? Only in her world!

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From the Joan Aiken website –  A letter from Joan to all her fellow ‘Readers’

2 thoughts on “Books are your friends, everyday…

  1. I’m sure that there are plenty more people that feel the same way about books than we suspect — or is this a mighty big wish?

    I note that the Edith Nesbit Society has a booklet for sale at £1.00 called In Celebration of E. Nesbit — though they slightly spoil the effect by listing the author on their webpage as “Joan Aitken”. You can get it (as I hope to soon) via
    You of course have reminded me, Lizza, that Edith was one of Joan’s favourite authors, no doubt numbered among those “particularly craved” volumes.


    • Thanks for this tip – I’m wondering which piece it might be? Joan wrote a few Nesbit introductions and articles, if you get a copy do tell? Have still to get down to my own Aiken Nesbit piece..distracted by Spring!


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