A Joan Aiken poem… giving thanks


…for light in darkness, and inspiration in simple things

Enough Poem


“We’re on Tom Tiddler’s Ground, picking up gold and silver” comes from an old children’s game – they run and help themselves to riches left lying unattended…


Joan’s poems can be found in a collection called The Skin Spinners

more about the book here

writing cuckoo tree

and see  more pastel drawings here


One thought on “A Joan Aiken poem… giving thanks

  1. What I love about her poetry, from the doggerel to the deeper pieces, is that they’re so accessible even if at first not obvious. They have a magic in them, a way of looking askance at what is out there, or what might be out there. Love the heart enclosed by the flights of stairs here and the heartache of the bespelled girl in the featured poem on your link. I must search out a copy of this book now, to add to my growing pile (I’ve just acquired The Cockatrice Boys) …

    By the way, the first in a set of related posts about The Whispering Mountain is scheduled for tomorrow!


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