Mortimer and Arabel’s Christmas Spirit…!


In a Christmas adventure Mortimer seeks out his ancestors at the Tower of London

At last you can revisit the TV adventures of Mortimer and Arabel brought to life by a talented puppet team for the BBC, based on original drawings by Sir Quentin Blake, and first shown nearly twenty years ago…some of us have been waiting very patiently indeed…!

(I had to give you a taster -blurry screenshots sadly all my own work…)

See below for the real thing!

But it’s perfect timing for a story full of festive spirit – the ghost of Elizabethan poet Sir Humphrey Burbage his having his usual nightmare before Christmas trying to pay off his debt to the Duke of Rumbury before he loses his head…can Mortimer and Arabel find his gold and get it to the Bank on time?


Malcolm James and the design team at CBBC pulled out all the stops for this delightfully detailed series, with sets which included a snowy Tower of London, and the half-timbered streets of old Rumbury Town complete with carol singers, not to mention plum puddings, turkeys, and decorations to die for…  The script is hilarious, also full of ghostly puns and seasonal mayhem. While Granny Jones is trying to make the Jones’ Christmas dinner with one-hundred year old mincemeat, Mrs Jones is at the Bank trying to make some extra Christmas cash to pay for it all – but in terror of bumping into the Bank Ghost!


Meanwhile Arabel and her friend Chris are trying to stop evil Uncle Perce selling the ghost to a Texas millionaire, and Mortimer as usual isn’t helping at all – although he has fun with the decorations……


But of course everything miraculously ends happily (and ever-after at last for poor Sir Humphrey!) and a very Merry Christmas is had by all – even Granny Jones’s horrible cat Augustus gets away with a turkey leg.


And Mortimer and Arabel get the best surprise of all…something wonderful in their stockings…but to find out what that is you’ll have to watch it for yourselves!


 Apologies for the fuzzy pics…

The film is perfectly gorgeous, as many will remember

but those puppets don’t stay ‘still’ for a minute…

See Five Star reviews!

The Bank Ghost is one of four series now available to download from the BBC Store















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