“The Apple of Trouble” a Joan Aiken Armitage Family story


 Read a taster of one of Joan Aiken’s fantastic stories…Mark and Harriet are being looked after at home by their irascible Great Uncle Gavin who has bought Mark an expensive new bike and insisted he go out and get some exercise.

On the road he meets an odd character:


….Mark is persuaded to take the golden apple in an exchange with the little man who makes off at top speed on the brand new bicycle – unfortunately Great-Uncle Gavin  nearly bursts a blood vessel when he hears… “Did what? Merciful providence – an apple?…Where is it?”


       How are Mark and Harriet going to get rid of these Un-Friendly ladies before they avenge themselves on Great-uncle Gavin? Just one of the many adventures that befall Joan Aiken’s Armitage Family, usually on a Monday, but sometimes on other days too.. wonderfully illustrated by Peter Bailey

7 Page 175

Wonder how they do?

This and all the stories about the extraordinary Armitage family are in

The Serial Garden

Now published by Virago Modern Classics

Click to visit the website and see this and the US edition


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6 thoughts on ““The Apple of Trouble” a Joan Aiken Armitage Family story

  1. I’m sold. What a great concept! One single apple, falling through time as the cause of so many troubles. i think the Erinyes appear in Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain Chronicles — equally menacing.


  2. Yes, they have been around almost as long as the apple – helping avenge injustice down in the Underworld of Hades and Persephone, or in Joan’s imagination turning up on the doorstep to sort out wrongdoers! Be careful what you imagine?!


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  4. This was, for me, one of the ‘scarier’ Armitage stories — yes, I know things’ll work out in the end (won’t they, won’t they?!) but there’s a genuine sense of menace throughout. Brilliant!


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