“The Butterfly Picnic” – A perfect holiday read?

Joan Aiken


     Joan Aiken writing at her very best was the perfect companion.   She was well travelled, cultured, with a wealth of personal experience, and the ability not just to tell a gripping story, but to draw the reader in to the very process of writing.   What she loved was to hold her audience in a juggling act of belief and disbelief, caught up in the whirl of the dance as she hurtled through her story at the full stretch of her imagination, and in the full enjoyment of her talents.

The ideal holiday read then, or even as a hopeful anticipation or substitute for one, would be her fantastic romp of a novel, The Butterfly Picnic   ( in the US known as A Cluster of Separate Sparks.)   In one perfect package she gives you a trip to a Greek island – imagine for…

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