Joan in Japanese – another new Book out!

It’s great to see that Aiken fans in Japan are discovering these pages – Hello and Welcome!

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Tomoko Kodama who has been translating Joan’s Wolves Chronicles into Japanese – no easy task if you are familiar with Joan’s wild language and crazy dialects. I am very curious to know how this comes out in translation, let alone  all her jokes and riddles… but it’s been fun trying to explain them!

Now there is a new Japanese translation by Tomoko of Joan’s story collection – The Winter Sleepwalker – which also came out in a beautiful new edition in the UK recently, with original illustrations by Quentin Blake.  My favourite picture is of the eight legged horse dashing up a mountain, with it’s mysterious one eyed rider,  but there is also a sleepwalking bear, a football game in space and a ghostly enchanted duckpond, all in Quentin’s familiar eccentric style.

Here’s the Japanese version!

JapaneseWSleep cover



One thought on “Joan in Japanese – another new Book out!

  1. Though I have read to review it, I really enjoyed these quirky stories, some humorous, some quite melancholy. Would love to see the original Jan Pienkowski paintings they were inspired by, much as I like the Quentin Blake illustrations.

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