Favourite Aiken Moments contd. – Is in (snowy!) Humberland

‘Twelve layers thick of stiff,rolled-up rug, all glued together with fried potatoes, formed a wrap that was solid as oakwood. And when at last her head did begin to emerge from its carpet-collar, Is found that she had nothing much to be thankful for.  Instead of being pressed against a filthy carpet, her cheek now lay on stony, gritty, freezing ground.  It was dark, with no moon or stars to give comfort; on the contrary, a fine thick snow was falling, blowing like dust into the folds of the rug.

“Snow!” said Is in disgust. Why it ain’t but November!”

But then she recalled how far north she had travelled, into a colder darker part of the country. Humberland.

….A massive stone building loomed up on her right…a church…somewhere she had heard that church doors are always open. The first door she approached had a white paper on it, just visible, and writing on the paper: PLEASE ENTER BY SOUTH DOOR.

There! she could hear Penny’s triumphant voice: now do you see how handy it is to be able to read? Yus, and which way is south? Is retorted, but she acknowledged that if she kept walking round the church she must in the end find the south door.’


Is (Underground) Wolves Chronicles

Illustration by Pat Marriott


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