Want to play an Aiken guessing game?

Want to play an Aiken guessing game?

Q:Which story is this? …and there are over three hundred to choose from…….!

Of course it helps if you are in Japan where this beautiful new edition of A Touch of Chill has just come out.
A: The Rented Swan – who is of course really an enchanted ornithologist acting as a muse to the musician renting her apartment…..

The most recent new collection of Joan Aiken stories was The Monkey’s Wedding published by Small Beer Press, which included previously unpublished and uncollected stories.

Read more about this collection at The Wonderful World of Joan Aiken

I am currently reading through her dozens of collections of fantasy stories in order to put together a new collection – do let me know if you have all time favourites?

3 thoughts on “Want to play an Aiken guessing game?

  1. It’s years since I read A Touch of Chill, but as I still got a copy of it I think it’s almost time to search it out. As a pianist I’m particular attracted by the mention of musicians and the keyboard depicted in the illustration!


    • There are some wonderful musical episodes in Joan’s stories – you’d enjoy for example Mr Bond’s ‘fantasia and fugue in the whole-tone scale’ which when he played it to the Wicked Countess was ‘so crashing and discordant… that her whole enchanted tower simply disintegrated brick by brick.’


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