World Book Day? Hooray! Read on….

I was lucky enough as Joan’s daughter to have an endless supply of stories to listen to on rainy days, long walks home, or train journeys to far off places – all the stories she was writing in her head, or had told to her younger brother years ago, stories from all the books she read as a child, those favourite stories that she knew almost by heart and that she passed on to me.


And then there were the books! Precious old ones, all the new ones she discovered from the wonderfully lively time when she was starting out as a published writer herself and meeting other budding authors at Book Fests and celebrations like the ones taking place today all over the world. My world was awash with books.  Now when I get letters like “Letter for help from Aiken lover in Beijing China” I realise how lucky I was. This writer asked if I could find a long lost piece, a letter Joan had once written, saying:

“When I was a kid, I have read the Chinese version of Joan’s dedication written for the International Children’s Book Day in 1974. That article triggered my love of books and I want to read the original English version of it?”

To read Joan’s letter

~~~~~ Take a Book Wherever You Go!  ~~~~~
Go to International Children’s Book Day 2013 in Articles by Joan




2 thoughts on “World Book Day? Hooray! Read on….

  1. What a surprise! I am the “Aiken lover” in China! Enjoy the wonderful world of Aiken’s books, and best wishes for all book lovers!

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